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The Joy Commitment Workshop

Why do we settle for being fairly happy when we can be really happy? Why do we make choices in our lives that work directly against creating the lives we truly want to live? Why do we resign ourselves to the belief that true happiness doesn’t exist for us? Living a truly happy life doesn’t require any monumental life changes. It doesn’t have to cost anything and it doesn’t have to hurt. Living a truly happy life only requires the desire to live such a live and a commitment to live it. This seminar, which is based on Sonya May’s motivational book. The Joy Commitment, will help you define the life you want to live and inspire you to make the choices to live that life. Together, we will dispel the myths of what things are necessary to live a happy life and we’ll identify things that have, up until now, stood in the way of you and your JOY.

Choose Joy!Joy Doesn’t Wait For Perfect!

We all want to live a really happy life, but how many of us are waiting to live that really happy life until our life is just as we want it to be. Perhaps we tell ourselves, “I’ll be happy when I have ‘enough’ money or when my kids and spouse doing exactly what I want them to do.” How many of us are waiting to live a joyful life until our life is picture perfect? The good news is that joy doesn’t need for your life to be picture perfect. Joy doesn’t wait for your life to be picture perfect. Joy is available at any time! So, don’t wait for joy – live it today!

The Easy Joy Party!

At an Easy Joy Party, it’s all about the joy! We’ve created this fun, interactive program, which takes place in a “girlfriend” setting, to show you practical ways to live with more love, more gratitude and more joy, today, tomorrow and every day thereafter! Let us show you how easy it is to live with joy…in your organization or even in your home!

Choices! Choices!

Our lives are filled with choices. The plethora of choices we have before us at any given moment is truly overwhelming! But the choices we make determine the type of life we life. We say we want to live a certain kind of life; we say we want to be a certain kind of person; we say we want to have certain types of relationships…but how often do we make choices that are in direct opposition to what we say we want. This talk will inspire you to make the choices to live the life you want!

New Job? New Joy!

Thinking of starting a new career? Taking on a new job? Being laid off from your current job? Whatever your reason for transitioning to a new job, one thing is certain…transition can be stressful! The unknown of the impending changes that go along with job transition can cause us to feel fearful, unsettled and apprehensive. And these feelings have an impact on our lives - sometimes the impact is positive, but often the impact is negative. The stresses of transition can cause us to project our negative feelings onto areas of our lives that we don’t mean for them to, and this projection can affect our overall happiness and life satisfaction. But it doesn’t have to! We can get through times of transition with fewer negative feelings! We can get through times of transition without projecting our negative feelings onto other areas of our life! We can get through times of transition without harming our life satisfaction! We can do it by keeping our eye on the prize of life…happiness. This talk will show you how to claim the prize for your own!

Think! Act! Thrive!

We all want to be happy and we can be! It all begins with a single step – thinking about the life you want to live. Arriving at your destination of happiness requires that you know what a happy life means to you. And once you know where you’re going, life becomes a lot easier! Knowing where you’re going gives you the roadmap to move in the direction of happiness. This talk focuses on three key steps: THINK about the life you want to live! ACT by making the choices to life that life! Then THRIVE!

Self-Confidence…Feeling Good About Yourself is Easier than you Think! **

Developing your personal self-confidence starts with a simple step - making the CHOICE to BE confident! In this workshop, we will explore misconceptions about confidence and uncover the secrets to living a positive, self-confident and fulfilled life.** This seminar is also available with an approach directed toward teenagers.


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