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Glenna Sanford

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Glenna SanfordGlenna G. Sanford, motivational speaker, author, and breast cancer survivor motivates, encourages and inspires audiences around the country to discover their personal strengths, passions, and joy!

Utilizing her experiences as an instructor, speaker, author and breast cancer survivor, Glenna provides motivational and inspirational seminars that encourage her audiences to find their everyday joys and recognize their “Power for Life”!! Glenna weaves her experience of diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer at the age of 33, along with her life experiences as a wife, mother, and instructor into a program that is powerful, fun, motivational and unforgettable! Everyone has a choice as to how to look at their lives. Why not view our lives with the “glass half full” instead of as the “glass half empty”! Life is meant to be LIVED!! Our personal POWER is significant once we believe in ourselves!!

Having received her BA degree from Saint Anselm College (NH) and her MS from Rivier College (NH), Glenna went on to work in the fields of public relations, marketing, development, communication training and higher education. In addition to her work, Glenna is an active promoter of awareness and fund-raising for treatment and research for breast cancer and is a speaker for the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation.