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Power for Life - Glenna Sanford

Life throws us curveballs. We think we have a “plan”. We think we know where we’re going. Suddenly, it’s all up in the air and we’re trying to deal with the curveball we’ve been thrown! We CAN deal with what comes our way…..we CAN have a positive outlook and approach to life,….we CAN be happy here and NOW! This program focuses on three key elements: The Power of Choice! The Power of Life!! The Power of JOY!!!

Self-Confidence – Feeling Good About Yourself is Easier than you Think! - Sonya May

Developing your personal self-confidence starts with a simple step - making the CHOICE to BE confident! Explore misconceptions about confidence and uncover the secrets to living a positive, self-confident, and fulfilled life.

** This seminar is also available with an approach directed toward teenagers.

Comments from class participants of the Teen Self-Confidence workshop:

  • I liked how the teacher was really nice
  • Time went by too fast!!
  • I like Ms May, she seems like an awesome person
  • The teacher was outgoing and tried to relate to us
  • I learned how to be myself
  • I enjoyed coming to class and learning about self confidence

Power of YOU! - Glenna Sanford

In this engaging and motivational program, Glenna reveals her journey to self-realization of her personal power and encourages you to discover yours! You can overcome obstacles in your life once you recognize and utilize your inner strength. Life is about making choices, changes, and positive decisions!! LIVE your life…..don’t just watch it go by!

Cancer? Can’t be! Thinking beyond the diagnosis! - Glenna Sanford

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. A cancer diagnosis turns your world upside down. A cancer diagnosis alters your life forever. While her world was tumbling down, Glenna made a conscience CHOICE to rise and conquer!! Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32, Glenna recalls the trauma and triumphs of the experience and revels in life beyond!! Cancer changes your life forever…..but it can be changed for the better. Through the power of choice and the power of joy, Glenna motivates audiences to find their personal power for LIFE! This program covers the three areas of 1) Diagnosis…what do you mean I have cancer? 2) Treatment….you want to do WHAT to me? 3) Life beyond…..better than I ever imagined!!

Life enJOYment Workshop - Sonya May

Create a definition for the life you want to live and dispel the myths of what things are necessary to live a happy life. Together we will identify 'joy blockers', sources of EASY JOY and we'll unlock the secret to living a life sustained with joy.

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