Think. Act. Thrive.TM

Go on, Shake Your Tree...

...and live the life you WANT to live – the life you feel GOOD about living!

Living the life you want begins with a single step: making the CHOICE to live that life! At Choose Joy, Inc. we inspire you to make the choices to “shake your tree” and bring out the best in YOU! We have the tools that will help you define the life you want to live as well as the tools that will enable you to actually LIVE that life! And when you’re actually living the life you want to live, how can you feel anything but JOY? So go on, shake your tree….you never know what might fall out!

Have a good story about the choices you've made in YOUR pursuit of joy? We’d love to hear it, so drop us a note!!

Choose Joy, motivational speakers, presentations, workshops and 				products The Joy Commitment by Sonia May

"The Joy Commitment is special because it's so accessible! It offers real tools for our day-to-day lives."

"The chapters on the different choices we each make...every day are wonderful! - Kim S.