Think. Act. Thrive.TM

Our History

Meet the Founders

It all started with a little thing called the PTA! Choose Joy founders, Sonya May and Glenna Sanford met while volunteering for their local elementary school PTA and the rest is history! At the time, both were pursuing their own courses to bring more joy to the world – Sonya, along with her husband, Bill, had just put the finishing touches on her first book, In Search of Joy, and Glenna was working with the National Speakers Association to more fully develop her message. The word “joy” was mentioned during their first meeting and they knew they were meant to join forces.

So that’s just what the three of them did! In 2007, they formed Choose Joy, Inc with the goal of empowering people to THRIVE! A short time later, Judy Goetz jumped on board and joined the “The J-Team.” The J-Team has a passion to actively inspire people to live the message of Choose Joy. And that message is… the life we live is our choice, so if we want to live a joyful life, then we need to make the choices to LIVE a joyful life!