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Meet the J-Team

Sonya MaySonya May

Sonya, author, motivational speaker and all around happy person, grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana, but from her earliest memories, she wanted to experience the world! (More on Sonya May)

Judy Goetz

Judy grew up the youngest of five, in Topeka, KS. As the child of an alcoholic, she honed her ability to turn “Lemons into Lemonade” at an early age. She knew early in life she wanted to use her experiences along with her ability to make something positive from her challenges to help people. (More on Judy Goetz)

Bill MayBill May

Bill is lucky, it’s plain and simple. His childhood was great and he’s had no life-threatening medical conditions to deal with. He has been truly blessed AND, perhaps most importantly, he knows it! (More on Bill May)