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The Joy Commitment Motivational Book - $13.95

The Joy Commitment Motivational Book

Why do we settle for being fairly happy when we can be really happy? Why do we make choices in our life that work directly against creating the life we truly want to live? Why do we resign ourselves to the belief that true happiness doesn’t exist for us?

In this highly motivational book, Sonya May explains that living a truly happy life doesn’t require any monumental life changes. It doesn’t have to cost anything and it doesn’t have to hurt! Living a truly happy life only requires the desire to live such a life and a commitment to live it. Living a happy life requires The Joy Commitment. The Joy Commitment will focus the way you see the world. It will serve as a filter for the thoughts you think and for the words that leave your mouth. Make The Joy Commitment and change your life today!

High praise for The Joy Commitment

“The Joy Commitment offers a message that is practical, enjoyable, accessible, and potentially life changing. Sonya May's writing style is engaging and her wisdom is clear. The material is a gift to all of us. This book is a testament that she has a bright future as a catalyst for joy.”

~ Kathleen Sturgis, Ph.D., President, Capital Consulting Group and author of Dance of the Chameleon.

"Sonya May's message of joy for all is a resounding one. I enjoyed her practical take on how anyone, in any circumstances, can find the joy they choose to find. A necessary read!"

~ Suzanne Falter-Barns, author of How Much Joy Can You Stand?

In Search of Joy - $13.95

In Search of Joy

This is the book that started it all and coined the phrase “Choose Joy!” In Search of Joy is the emotionally-charged story that is the result of the personal journaling Sonya May compiled along her own search for joy. Join “Rose,” the child of an alcoholic father and a depressed, self-loathing mother who is struggling to overcome the effects of her dysfunctional family relationship. Though she wants happiness more than anything, Rose’s greatest desire always seems to be out of reach. But her will is stronger than the scars of childhood emotional neglect and she is determined to continue to search until she claims her prize…the prize of true happiness, the prize of joy.

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