Think. Act. Thrive.TM

Go on, Take a Joy Ride!

Choose Joy, Inc is a motivational company that will inspire you to live the life you WANT to live. And that is…a life filled with JOY!

We’re passionate about showing you how to make the choices that will allow you to live a life that you love!

Through our publications, tools and speaking events, we promote the message of “Think. Act. Thrive!” – Think about the life you want to live; Act by making the choices that will give you that life, then Thrive!

So go on, take a joy ride with us! Just be prepared to lose some baggage along the way!

Have a good story about the choices you've made in YOUR pursuit of joy? We’d love to hear it, so drop us a note!!

Choose Joy, motivational speakers, presentations, workshops and 				products The Joy Commitment by Sonia May

“The Joy Commitment is special because it’s so accessible! It offers real tools for our day-to-day lives.” ~Kim S.

“Bursting with inspirational quotes, you can’t help but come away with ‘feel good’ vibes…” ~Donna T.